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Huawei Y6s Specification and Review

The complete review of Huawei Y6s.

Unboxed this phone a few days ago and did a quick review. You can find the link on the corner. You must check that too. Today, we'll talk about this phone's system, battery and camera performance. 

So, let's get started. [Promo...] This phone is retailed at 20,899 Pakistani rupees. If you had pre-ordered this phone, you'd have to pay only 20,099 rupees. The screen size is 6.09-inch And the it comes with an IPS display panel. 720p HD+ resolution and 283 PPI pixel density is enough in this price. 

I usually have to enable Eye-Comfort mode. Or Blue Light Filter in Samsung phones. Or Eye Protection Mode in Vivo smartphones. While in Huawei Y6s, the display blocks out blue light by default. 

Thanks to TUV Rheinland certified screen. I didn't need to turn on Eye-Comfort mode in this phone. With the 720p resolution, the sharpness won't be better than a budget smartphone. But brightness of this phone literally impressed me. If we talk about internals of the phone. 

Then it comes with MediaTek Helio P35 chipset. It's based on 12 nanometer architecture. The chip employs 8 cores of Cortex A53 Which are power efficient cores. So to boost some performance. 4 of these cores are clocked at 2.3GHz. The other 4 cores are clocked at 1.8GHz to save energy an perform day to day tasks. There is PowerVR Rogue GE8320 GPU.

And the phone has a 3GB RAM with 64GB internal storage. Plus, microSD card support is available for up to 512GB. If we talk about Software and User Interface, This phone comes with Android 9 Pie operating system. And on top you will get Huawei EMUI 9.1 user interface. 

All the app icons are on home screen by default. But you can enable app drawer too if you want. If we talk about performance then this is just a budget phone and it didn't performed bad in this price category. I didn't face any problem in day-to-day usage. there was occassionally a lag in scrolling interfaces I believe there is need of software optimization. 

And sure a software update as well. This phone will perform on basic level with Gaming. Racing games like Asphalt 9 won't make a trouble. When I tried PUBG mobile it played on Low graphics. It won't run smoothly on higher graphics HD graphics aren't available on this phone. 

With respect to real-time usage, this phone can be considered good with Helio P35 chipset If we look at the benchmark scores, then on Geekbench 4, it scored 843 on single-core test. While on multi-core test, it scored 3739. The phone impressively scored 96,432 on AnTuTu Well. 

That's a good score in this price range. If you want even better performance, then you won't get in this price. Let's talk power management, This phone comes with 3020 mAh battery capacity. Along with we get only a 5-watt charger. which is really not acceptable. Fortunately, the charging is not limited at 5-watt Means, this phone can be charged at 10-watt with any 2-ampere charger That's a good thing at least.

But still, a bundled 2-ampere charger would have been better. one thing that I mentioned in unboxing session, is That Huawei needs to stop shipping this UK-region 3-legs charger in Pakistan. it would better have a localized 2-legs charger. If we talk about battery life then 3020 mAh capacity isn't really competitve in this price. still with fully charged battery, this phone lived on for a whole day. 

But only if you don't exhaust it with gaming all day. If we talk about cameras, then this phone doesn't come with a gimmicky dual-cam setup Simply there is a single camera unit on the back. a 13MP image sensor with f/1.8 lens aperture And a single selfie camera on the front with an 8MP sensor and f/2.0 aperture lens. 

As long as camera quality is concerned, Image detail good but so impressive. Higlight clipping can be seen usually in High-contrast scenes. But occassionally, the phone handled the dynamic range nicely. And whenever it did not, HDR mode came in handy. Color reproduction was mostly accurate but also sometimes it went completely off White balance remained mostly consistent. Skin tone was also handled well by the camera. but I expereinced a focus-lock issue mostly in portrait shots. Well.

I am not talking about that real portrait shots with bokeh effect. this phone doesn't come with any fancy camera modes. And then the most important thing, Shutter lag bothered me most of the time. This phone really needs a software update to fix that. The phone supports 1080p full HD video recording. but that highlight clipping issue is widely present, in bright day light. 

There is of course no stabilization. But you can use Google Photos to stabilize the recorded videos. That works really well... Image detail is not above average. If we talk about the front camera, It performs well in good lighting. It was impressive. specially in bright day light. 

But in low light conditions, or indoor lighting, it wasn't that great. Highlight clipping is present here also. But front camera also produced skin tones nicely. If I have to say overall, in this price range, This is not some kind of mindblowing piece of hardware The build we know is plastic, but with quality, Huawei never let us down. We know that.

 With respect to design, I'll say it again. If this black variant also had a dual-tone finish like the Orchid blue variant. It would have been much better. It's a compact phone in handling. But to offer in 20,000 rupees, Huawei compromised on three things. 1- Didn't provide a protective case. 2- No bundled earphones. 3- A trimmed down 5-watt charger I mean that's not good. 

In a perfect world, I think this phone would be better if cost around Rs. 18,000. Still then, you won't get any better phone in 20,000 rupees The thing is, your budget If you want a better phone, Add four or five thousand rupees, and get a phone with Snapdragon 665. 

But then again you can get even better options If you further add six or seven thousands.. So, if your budget is limited at 20,000 rupees. Then you may get this phone. For now that's it. If you liked this review, like this video and share it as well. 

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