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Hollywood Famous Actor Timothee Chalamet in France

He lives in New-York but he confessed being a soccer fan You may not know his name, but you know his face he's one of the most famous actors in Hollywood he even made history after he was nominated for the Oscars last year Timothée Chalamet is only 23.

He is incredibly charming and he has a huge quality: he's half French In his new film, he portrays a young addict with a rare maturity Portrait of a phenomenon. He's 23 and he's already a star Hollywood. 

The public but also the film critics fall for Timothée Chalamet 2019 might well be the year he'll get recognition In Beautiful Boy, he's amazing at playing a young addict A true story, based on the father's memoir, portrayed by Steve Carell The guy was only twenty-ish. 

He trusted that scenario he played with his partner with a/ grace and b/ a good posture that enabled emotions to flow He got in the spotlight last year with Call me by your name He portrayed the freedom to love in Italy in the 80s This role, that led him to the Oscars, highlights his dual heritage.

His father is French, he spent all his summers in Le Chambon sur Lignon a small village in Auvergne That was exotic for this young man who grew up in New-York His American mother used to dance in Broadway and opened the doors of the show business for him In LaGuardia, 

he learnt how to act, sing and dance, with a predilection for rap He was 18 when he first appeared on the big screen for Interstellar - What did you do Murph? - She didn't do nothing, blew a tire is all.

Murphy's law! Since then, his career took off so fast that some people believe he's the next Leonardo DiCaprio - Good evening, Timothée Chalamet - Good evening, thank you for having me Thank you for being here. So when you get compared to Leonardo DiCaprio or James Dean what does it inspire you? Does it take your breath away? Yes, 

it's much too soon and they are huge legends, huge actors I'm just starting my career now and I'm trying to start simply So you were saying your career is just starting but it's starting pretty well Last year you were nominated for the Oscars in the Best Actor category I think the previous one was Mickey Rooney in 1939 You are one of the youngest in history to whom this happens. What made you want to act, as a child? I don't know, in fact I grew up in New York. 

My mother was a dancer and I grew up in a neighborhood called Hell's Kitchen in New-York where are all the theaters I did not grow up in the show business, but right by its side, if I might say and I really fell in love with "acting" - With acting It's the only thing I feel I'm a little good at I'm so bad at everything else in my life, so.

 In this film, Beautiful Boy, you play a young man that will fall victim to drugs It happens to be a true story and you were able to meet the real Nic Sheff In what way did he help you prepare for this role? In fact he gave me... how do we say ''license''? He gave me a license A license to play a drug addict, you mean "Am I qualified?

That's it. Especially because our film tries to show what addiction or drugs do to the family, the closed ones, to brothers and sisters and how it can be devastating You lost a lot of weight for this role Yes, 18 pounds, how many kilos is it? 18 american pounds, that's about 10 kilos. 

How did you do it? You eat 5 times a day, so as soon as you're hungry you try to cut your appetite so you eat very small quantities but really rich, lots of proteins and vitamins Let's come back to you. You are French-American - Yes. French on your father's side - Yes ...who is from Le Chambon sur Lignon in Auvergne - I spent my summers there because my grandmother was there.

Because the family house is in Auvergne Yes. I really like that you showed New-York right after Le Chambon because, it's not that destabilizing, but those were two very different worlds That being said, I would not be who I am if I hadn't grown up in France in Le Chambon sur Lignon, but also in Carpentras where I did soccer camps or in Dijon for basketball camps,

People make fun of me because I'm a fan of Saint-Étienne and sometimes I say the name of players who are not there anymore because I didn't get the time this year to catch up By the way, the AS Saint-Étienne team sent you a little message when you were nominated for the Oscars,

I was so overwhelmed when I saw that! - As for cinema, apparently when you were on vacation you were watching La Grande vadrouille, La Boum... Yes, that's true. - Watching TV during your vacation helped you learn French? I am sorry to come here today and speak like this because I arrived yesterday and I swear, had I been here for a month had I been here a little longer, my French would come back Were you approached by French directors?

No, not yet, but I'm so enthusiastic... You would like that? Oh yes, that would be great! "François Ozon, hit me up!" - He heard you! Thank you so much! No, thank you - As a reminder, this film, Beautiful Boy, comes out on February 6. Thank you Thank you, and thanks to everyone who watched and thank you for shining a light on this film - Thank you - Thank you, yeah 

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