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Top Five most popular sports in China

Susie wanna Tita in don't Sancho she John : so I see Wanda Tita in tow basketball the most popular sport in China I remember in my high school bus come pop Euler because of the Japanese cartoon slam-dunk the cat who slam-dunk was very popular,

Because of that cartoon Baskerville becomes so popular as a time Soochow sucker su means foot Cho means thaw the jungle see I drew Hotel hadoo Thai jungle see I do children had too many people loved soccer in China as you may know Chinese national team are not so good at soccer so we're good at so many sports but not soccer it's kind of mystery in China.

We don't know why yeah if you know why please comment let me know I wonder why Chinese are not good at soccer but could have many sports instead ping-pong show table tennis team bound shows jungle the quartz show ping-pong show should junk water what show table tennis is the national sport of China.

It might hide hurt my parents wanna try me into a tomboy so they sent me to the kind of professional table tennis school and I went there every day after class have one hour table tennis training I didn't like it at 4 but when you became good at it and you have so many friends so who play with you.

It's kind of fun now I kind of miss it I haven't played for a long time so when I was a kid I'm doing this movement maybe 1,000 time one class like repeatedly like this I remember I have to stop pants here my left eyebrow here here Tara period doing it and here you response to the bar from your competitor very quick without any consideration. 

yes so it becomes an automatic response yeah when you have balls come from your competitor Pizza gymnastics woman trendy Aussie one can't tease he'll be that woman Cinzia though she one can he's healthy fat all of my family members like to watch gymnastics so in this sentence.

There is a Chinese kanji overt dances dough dough woman tree and a dose of Wonka though one a subject is plural like we are they all my family or my class like something or are doing something we add a dope for example all of my family members so like gymnastics so in Chinese we add adult one the subject is plural we don't have this for I like I like gymnastics that's okay.

We don't like gymnastics so to emphasize everybody shares the same the common preferences for gymnastics you macho badminton whether you macho side hands in that alleyway the you macho side hands inside the badminton matches of the only bigger games were very exciting.

Following the first test match of the Audi Summer Tour 2017 the players of Bayern Munich were met with an overwhelming late-night reception at the team hotel. Despite the unlucky defeat after penalties the enthusiasm of the Chinese Bayern Fans seems to know no boundaries. 

The fans here are just amazing. It’s great to see the support for Bayern in China. Of course as players we want to give something back. The performance against the London club gave Bayern Munich plenty of reason to be satisfied: 

after Robert Lewandowski had scored the ninth minute lead, the Reds had several chances to decide the high-profile test match prematurely and even scored a goal which was falsely disallowed due to an alleged offside position by new signing Corentin Tolisso. While Bayern lost the so-called Audi Football.

 Summit after penalties the test of strength against Arsenal definitely served it’s purpose as an important part of the summer pre-season. I think this was a very good test indeed. I believe we showed a good performance and created many chances. We simply should have scored from one of those chances and then we would have left the pitch winners. 

The next morning the players conducted a light training session focussing on regeneration, in the evening the Bayern players will visit the traditional Audi night. Part one of the Summer Tour 2017 of China and Singapore is over, the next stop is Shenzhen. 

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