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Rabi Pirzada Leave showbiz he decide to perform Umrah

Rabi Pirzada is a Pakistani Pop vocalist who turned into a piece of the showbiz business in year 2004. Rabi Pirzada has throughout the years voiced her conclusions on various issues and she has never kept down. 

The vocalist regularly lands herself in various contentions yet shockingly, she is looked with the greatest debate and embarrassment of her whole vocation.

Rabi Pirzada confronted substantial analysis when she posted an image wearing suicide vest, calling herself Kashmir Ki Beti. The estimation behind her image was not generally welcomed by the Twitterati. 

Rabi Pirzada talks enthusiastically about the privileges of Kashmiri Muslims and the issues they are looked with. She likewise criticizes Pakistani big names who have not till date supported Kashmiri Muslims.Rabi Pirzada Responds To Her Leaked Videos.

Rabi Pirzada has additionally made injurious comments about Mehwish Hayat in the past focusing on her decision of picking restorative strategies to look great. She additionally expressed that on the off chance that she had this a lot of cash, she would prefer to spend it to help other people and not change what she was honored with naturally.

Another debate of Rabi Pirzada surfaced when she was called by the court for keeping colorful creatures as pets, to which she reacted that she had leased the reptiles for her music video.On November 1, Rabi Pirzada went under investigation when her private recordings and pictures were released and flowed on the web.
The subtleties of how her own recordings and pictures were spilled are obscure and nobody realizes who broke her security in such an awful way. 

Be that as it may, a few people are guaranteeing this is a promulgation against her since she is vocal about her hatred towards Indian Prime Minister Modi and the Indian Army's cold-bloodedness against Kashmiri Muslims.

Rabi Pirzada remained quiet about it and she didn't quickly address the issue. Twitterati then again held hands and keeping in mind that drifting #RabiPirzada they came in her help expressing that nobody has the privilege to disregard the vocalist's close to home life in such a way.

Rabi Pirzada has now taken it to Twitter and has given a conventional articulation, which really is identified with the ongoing discussion she is confronted with.

Rabi Pirzada has gotten a mind-boggling bolster on the web and everybody feels the artist isn't to be accused, rather the person who has done such a demonstration ought to be embarrassed and got out. 

A portion of her supporters are additionally mentioning others to not share or advance her photos and videos.1st of all log aisai ghalat kaam kartai kiyo hain ?

Phir aisai ghalat kaamo ki recordings banaatai kiyo hain ?

Phir aisi recordings ko kisi kai sath share kartai kiyo hain ?

Indeed, even spouse wife ko doran e hambastri pardai ka hukam aur yaha beau aur sweetheart kai aisi recordings samnai aa rahai hain .

Sab islam se doori aur ghalat tarbiyyat ka nateeja hai

2ndly chalo un se gunah hogaya to dusro ko kis ne ye huq deya hai kai us gunah ki tasheer karai ?

Apnai amal ki fikar aur unki hidayat k leyai dua karni chaheyai ..

Nakai kisi ka mazaaq aur gunah kai ishtehaar lagaatai phirai

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