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Mere Paas Tum Ho – Pakistani Trending Drama Mery Pas Tum Ho

To further affirm this, he shows Danish the pictures of Mehwish in the inn with him presenting and wearing the scandalous pink nighty. Danish is frightened and stunned, to include further the affront Shehwar likewise replays the account of both talking about he will persuade Danish to separate from her. 
Danish unmistakably furious and astounded is then offered RS50 million to separate from her.

Danish declines the cash and expresses that once a lady is gotten, her worth will merit nothing. Following a mishap on his bicycle, Danish shows up home in wraps with the assistance of Monty. 

Mehwish shows no worry and Danish solicits her to make a cup from tea. Shehwar calls Danish to ask him when he should come past their home to take Mehwish back with him. Danish says to come later at night, when his child is snoozing. Danish stands up to Mehwish and discloses to her that he knows it all.

He discloses to her that he went to Shehwar to spare their affection, however at last, he scarcely figured out how to spare their regard. He discloses to her that he saw the image Shehwar took of her and that he can see that she is cheerful for once. She comes clean with him to tell Roomi following a couple of days as to not furious him in the event that they ever run into each other haphazardly. 

Danish advises her to begin pressing yet then inquires as to whether she can remain the night and leave in the first part of the day rather when he is grinding away and their youngster is at school to which she concurs subsequent to counseling Shehwar.
Mehwish asks Danish what arrangement he has done to for the separation on the off chance that he has taken cash. 

Danish discloses to her he was offered the 50 million however rejected it. He expresses that he never figured she would be sold so natural out in the city to which she expresses that he can accomplish such a great deal with that cash. Danish says the cash could never rise to the harmony and delight he had when he would return home from work to see her. 

Through a flashback at the workplace, Danish questions Shehwar about the deduction behind a lady who swindles.

Mehwish rings Shehwar again and clarifies what has happened then begs him to come gather her. Shehwar recommend he ask herself to which Danish snickers that he should he fretful without her.

He reveals to her he was a similar when Shehwar took her to Islamabad for the evening yet in any event she was her significant other at the time. Danish advises her to ring him however as she is going to walk he away he says no compelling reason to leave and do it as there is no privileged insights between them any longer.

He at that point gives her the legal documents as she looks on with slight shock. He begins to tidy up yet as she is attempting to help him he advises her not to as he will do it starting now and into the foreseeable future in any case.
He discloses to her that he may be poor yet he’s not messy. Shehwar shows up and is situated as Danish goes to make tea, Mehwish and him trade looks as there is ungainly quietness.

 Danish makes the tea after Mehwish attempts yet says he never needs to drink from her hand until kingdom come. Danish starts discussing how when they loved one another, he felt 6ft in addition to. 

Since this occasion he hasn’t felt littler as an individual, he tells how the adoration for a lady can make a man feel invulnerable yet when she’s never again intrigued the man feels got some distance from God. Shehwar says circumstances are different and these days ladies do proceed onward and lament the past and that they at any point loved. 

He additionally further proposes a man should help make ready, for example, Danish has done to enable the lady to proceed onward. Danish says he has done precisely that by allowing her separation. Shehwar reacts in joy that its incredible he has however Danish requests that he not call something like separation extraordinary.
He further humiliates Shehwar by saying taking from a wrecked home isn’t remotely extraordinary, Mehwish herself shows up exceptionally humiliated. She says she will get things from her room however Danish restricts her and says her appropriate for doing so was given away when he gave her the legal documents.

 He proceeds to get her gear and says in the event that they have completed their tea they can leave. Mehwish seems down and out and nearly in a condition of doubt as she strolls towards the entryway.
As Danish and him shake hands, Danish says to Shehwar that he is shocked by taking a gander at him as a businessperson with all his magnetism that “is 2 takkay ki larki k liye aap mujy 50 million dy rahy thay” recommending he was a simpleton to offer that a lot of cash for a traitorous nothing more than a bad memory lady.

 Mehwish is staggered hearing this and Shehwar is left astounded. The two of them advance toward the vehicle as Danish lays by Roomi with tears in his eyes. Shehwar and Mehwish take a gander at one another in the vehicle with just a slight grin, both still distracted concerni

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